What’s TwinBru;

TwinBru is an international team of computer graphic artists, material specialists, designers, and stylists . This team combines years of experience in computer graphics with an unparalleled knowledge of fabrics.


Digital, photorealistic, high quality content, with the physical and digital fabric supply chain to support it.

  • Modelling Service delivering 3D models

  • Rendering Service delivering 2D images

  • Rendering Service delivering 2D images

  • Asset Library for textures, models & scenes


Digital fabrics

Using state-of-the art digitisation technology, TwinBru is committed to creating digital twins of physical Bru fabrics.
This means our fabrics look and behave on screen, exactly as they would in the real world.


3D Modeling service

3D Modeling service

Premium digital fabrics require premium digital models to look photorealistic.
Not only do we provide the material, we can also supply your models.
Already have a model? Even better! All assets undergo an extensive quality
check to ensure they represent your product in the best way possible.





Rendering service

Get photorealistic digital rendered images of your products and scenes.

From a simple dining chair in a studio environment to a full scale auditorium; if you can imagine it, we can visualise it.
Captivate your audience using our expertly curated scenes.





With over 25 years of experience in textile distribution, fabrics are our passion. And we care about them deeply.
That’s why we want to be the pioneers in creating digital fabrics to the highest quality, and provide the best visual results possible.



Remove guesswork. Add imagination.

Computer graphics allow you to demonstrate your product anywhere you desire.
You don’t have to guess how a fabric could look in a certain environment.
We can accurately replicate any environment



Get your marketing images quicker than you can say ‘photoshoot’.

With thousands of fabrics, models and scenes on hand and a flexible workflow, TwinBru  is able to quickly and efficiently produce your visuals so you can go to market faster.



Our portfolio

Show your great furniture and curtains in the best way possible!

We’re not just spinning yarns. Have a closer look at what we do…
Through furniture and curtain modeling, interior scene curation and mass render production, TwinBru
 offers an integral visualisation service.
Have a look at some examples and get inspired.



Available colours:



Product image types available per colour:

Final Product:

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